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An experienced partner that provides open communications and predictable results


CaseSight provides a unique blend of courtroom experience, expertise in complex case content, legal issues and case presentation design.  We have delivered clear, convincing case presentations that captivate juries and help clients achieve favorable outcomes.

Our accomplished Presentation Consultants – backed by our expert design, production and trial-site management teams work in lockstep to design case presentation assets that help you build your strategy, clarify your themes, sharpen your arguments, give confidence to your witnesses and augment your style. 

We understand the time and financial constraints that exist in the marketplace.  No matter what the case calls for, our team is there with the responsiveness, creativity and know-how that have made CaseSight the case presentation partner attorneys and their teams depend on.


Our Leadership Team


Larry Collins 
Founder/Senior Presentation Consultant

Mr. Collins has over twenty years’ experience in litigation consulting and has appeared as an expert witness in both State and Federal Court.  He brings experience and expertise in the areas of intellectual property litigation, presentation strategy, interactive media and engineering.  This experience has been gained by working on over 350 patent cases. 

Mr. Collins has a unique ability to understand case content, litigation strategies, and then develop effective presentations and demonstratives.  His presentations have been used at trial, hearings, arbitration and mediation.  Courts include State, Federal and the International Trade Commission. 

Before entering the litigation consulting market, Mr. Collins worked as an engineer for eight years.  He studied Spatial Information Engineering and Applied Mathematics at the University of Maine.

Phone: 617.823.3127


Peter Lawson
Vice President/Senior Presentation Consultant

Mr. Lawson has over sixteen years of experience in presentation consulting, design and development, working with several of the nation’s top law firms and Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Lawson has worked on more than 200 cases in his career with diverse needs ranging from simple charts to complex interactive tutorials and integrated technology support. He has worked on matters involving antitrust, contracts, environmental issues, insurance coverage, intellectual property, personal injury, product liability and securities disputes.

 Mr. Lawson works with trial teams on the identification and visualization of key case themes and the use of demonstratives and multimedia technology in all litigation settings.  He has specialized in the development of clear, concise presentations for matters involving life-sciences and technology.  His expertise in this area has helped numerous clients present their cases in mediation and arbitration settings, as well as in bench and jury trials. His work includes conceptualizing and executing solutions as part of the development of tutorials, opening and closing presentations, key expert witness testimony, and the management of on-site trial support teams across the country. Additionally, Mr. Lawson has experience working on both small and large scale litigation matters and effectively managing such litigation to ensure the highest level of value to his clients.

Phone: 617.933.8508


Scott Berk
Trial Site Manager/Trial Technician

Mr. Berk began working in the litigation support industry twenty years ago as an animator.  Since then he has been a consultant and currently supports our clients from the “hot seat” at trials and hearings.  Mr. Berk has worked on over two hundred trials, hearings and ITC investigations and is an integral part of the litigation team.  Mr. Berk not only runs the technology in the courtroom, but he also helps with witness preparation.
Before working in the litigation support industry, Mr. Berk worked as a mining engineer.  He received his engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines.

Phone: 617.877.1949



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